Sunday, February 1, 2009

Been Awhile

Sorry it has been quite some time since I have posted. I've been very busy at work which infects me with "Sleepy Guy Syndrome". By the time I get home and we eat supper I find myself semi-coherent in the recliner. Not to mention the fact that the dreaded Zuni Fetish doll has somehow returned...

I had my first Cartooning class the other night and it was informative and well presented. I am looking forward to the remaining classes. It is being taught by Mat Brown After reading books and dreaming of doing something in the cartooning world it is nice to finally find a class that is taught by someone who not only does it for a living, but also has years of teaching under his belt.
Speaking of reading books and dreaming about being a cartoonist, here is something from R. Crumb that puts it into perspective..."Wishing won't make it happen!"


Anonymous said...

David: How did I know you would add "Zuni Fetish" to your blog. Now I will probably have nightmares. Thank you for bringing it up from my past. Or should I say thanks, Rick. Love Kathy.

forcryeye said...

We all get in posting slumps...I have the same exhaustion problem as you. I went to bed at 8pm the last couple of nights, pitiful. the Zuni doll is scary, thank goodness your cat is there to protect you.