Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ghosts of Halloween Past

Happy Halloween everyone!

Below are some photos of a Halloween-costumed yours truly from many years back.

Your basic hobo.
This one is from 1967...may I present a 5 year-old Hippie. Complete with LSD t-shirt?!
This one was the ghost of a person who was hanged. The head has a beach ball underneath the sheet.
The mask on this was made from plaster of Paris and used the clear outside part of the Renwal Visible Head model as a mold. It went on to become a Gerry Cheevers hockey mask, complete with scars.


Bill White said...

AWESOME Mummy costume, David! I never had anything as cool as that. My Mother would never take me to get the supplies I needed to make all the cool monster make-ups I read about in the Dick Smith make up book from Famous Monsters of Filmland. Did you have that book? It was great!


David said...

I never had that book. One of my friend's brother had it and we used to to look at it all the time.

A weird monster/cartooning cross-over bit of info about Dick is that...

Smith only has 4 fingers on his left hand. He is missing his ring finger which he lost due to an infection from an injury. He refers to it as his "Mickey Mouse hand"