Sunday, November 21, 2010

Uncle Jam Magazine

Earlier this month I posted the answers to my Cartoonist Survey from Phil Yeh (Cartoonist Survey #183). I mentioned at the end of the post that the latest issue of Uncle Jam magazine had just been published. Phil was nice enough to send me a copy and I read it cover-to-cover over this past week. What a great magazine! This issue features interviews with artists, cartoonists and musicians including Jean Giraud aka Moebius, Mark A. Nelson, John Chalmers, Sandra Marrs, Craig Yoe, Patrice Rushen, Taylor Barton-Smith, G.E. Smith and more. There are also articles on travel including one on Singapore and Malaysia written by Phil. I had no idea that comics where such a big thing in Singapore. Did you know that Singapore just had it's first 24 Hour Comics Day? If you are interested in Health, Books, The Arts or Travel then you should definitely check out Uncle Jam magazine for yourself. Click here to order the most recent issue or get a 4-issue subscription.

Phil was nice enough to draw a Winged Tiger on the envelope.

An interview with artist Moebius.

Interview with Taylor Barton-Smith and G.E. Smith.

Phil and Craig Yoe discuss Krazy Kat.

Click on the Winged Tiger above to order your copy of Uncle Jam today.


P.L. Frederick said...

Well who knew? Thanks for pointing me to yet another nifty mag!

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

stephen foreman said...

Phil is still doing Uncle Jam. Just amazing. I worked for the mag back in the early 80ts. Still has great content. Stephen Foreman, THANK U.