Monday, December 27, 2010

What Did You Get For Christmas?

I'm taking a short break from shoveling out from the "blizzard" that hit us yesterday into today and I thought I'd show you some of the cool cartooning and comic related gifts I received for Christmas.

First is a Lamy Safari Extra Fine Nib Fountain Pen.

This is an ink converter for the pen that will allow me to use...
... Noodler's Black Waterproof Ink

This is a limited edition large Peanuts Moleskine notebook.

Krazy Kat: The Comic Art of George Herriman

A nifty box of Vintage DC Comics postcards.

This one will take me a while to read through. It is over 1000 pages of Writings & Drawings of James Thurber.
Next is Capacity by Theo Ellsworth. There are some pretty wild drawings in this book.

This book isn't cartoon or comic related but goes along with my other love, the classic Universal Studio Monsters.

All in all a pretty darn good take if you ask me.
So, what did you get? Leave a comment and let me know what cartoon and comic related gifts you received.


Anonymous said...

Nice pressies. I got nothing. But I don't mind. I'm content with what I have.

Bill White said...

Awesome haul David! Santa must be negligent in updating the whole naughty/nice list, 'cause I made out good, too.

Not as many art related things (since I can deduct them as a "business expense"), but I did get enough toys to sink the Bismark! More on this, though, in my blog.

Speaking of Universal Monsters, when I was at Universal Studios, Florida, they had a whole show dedicated to the classic monster make-up. In the lobby, they had life casts and displays of all of Jack Pierce's greatest work. You would be in Heaven!

David said...

For Hanukkah, my sister gave me a Fimo sculpted handlebar mustache for resting a pair of chopsticks off the table....

Much like a cartoon statue of facial hair.

PS Make sure you use your new pen!! Stop shoveling and start drawing!

David said...

Matt - Being content with what you have is the best present of all.

Bill - Can't wait to see what you got for toys. I would have loved to have seen that Jack Pierce display! I still want to see that movie about him that was released a couple of years back... Jack Pierce - The Man Behind the Monsters.

David - That's quite the neat gift. Did she sculpt the stache herself?

P.L. Frederick said...

Nifty. You made a haul! Yay! The closest Santa came to cartoon and comic gifts over here was a chococlate-covered Twinkie.

Noodler's ink? That's hilarious. Is it different than other inks, because with a name like Noodler it is destined to become my favorite.