Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pilot Art Supplies Review - Part Two

I'm still working my way through the box of Pilot art supplies that Amy and Robin at Pilot Pens sent. I figured I would combine the following three mechanical pencils in the review since they all use the same size lead (.05mm HB).

(As always click on any of the pictures for a larger view.)

The first in the bunch is the Pilot REXGRIP .05mm mechanical pencil.

Second is the Pilot G2 .05mm mechanical pencil.

The last one is the Pilot H-325 mechanical pencil.

Here is the Pilot ENO .05mm HB lead refill.

I also received this box of replacement Pilot mechanical pencil erasers and needles.
The three pens and the lead refill.

A closer view.

Sketchbook drawings using the Pilot mechanical pencils.

Closeup of the Pilot .05mm HB lead line.

All three mechanical pencils worked well. The .05mm HB lead didn't even break once while using the pencils, which is unusual because I don't have a light hand while drawing. The REXGRIP was my favorite, followed closely by the G-2 and then the H-325. Any of the three would be a great pencil to bring along for sketching. However, because the erasers are on the small side, either don't make any mistakes or be sure to carry along some refills.

Thanks again to Amy and Robin for sending these out. Click here to see the entire line of Pilot products.

Check back for additional reviews on the remaining Pilot products, plus Strathmore paper and Faber-Castell Pitt products.


jjackle said...

I love the reviews on hardware as much as the artist's interviews. I hop you will soon tackel some softwares. I use three right now. Manga Studio 4ex, Photoshop CS5Extended, and to ink I love the ink tool in ArtRage 3 Pro - it looks like a brush. It actually looks better than a brush because I could only do a descent job with a brush or brush marker. I'd love to replace the Bamboo small.

David said...

Thanks jjackle. I'm afraid the only software I have is Photoshop Elements 8 and the free Corel Painter that came with my Wacom Bamboo. I'd love to upgrade my Bamboo as well ;^)

If anyone from Wacom is reading this, I'd love to have a nice Cintiq.

Anonymous said...

what are the needles used for that came with the erasers?

David said...

The needles are used to clean out any lead that may break off inside the pencil. Many mechanical pencils have the needle attached to the bottom of the eraser for this purpose.