Saturday, September 10, 2011

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens Review

Lisa Brody at Faber-Castell was nice enough to send me a package filled with various PITT Artist Pens to review. I will be breaking down the different sets of the Pitt Pens she sent me into multiple posts.

This first review is of Faber-Castell's set of four Black Fineliner PITT Artist Pens. The set comes with four different sized nibs, X-superfine, Superfine, Fine and Medium. The ink in the PITT Artist Pen line is great for everything from sketching to finished inking and because they are waterproof they also work great with watercolor paint. The reusable pouch they come in makes this a great little set to have for home use or travel.

This is a sample of the line width of the X-superfine nib.

Here is the Superfine nib.

The Fine nib.

The Medium nib.

I used the Superfine sized nib to sketch out these mash-ups of Peanuts characters with superheroes.

I finished inking them using the Medium, Fine and X-superfine nibs. I then colored them with colored pencils.

This is Charlie Brown as Captain America.

Here is Lucy as Wonder Woman.

Pig-Pen as The Thing.

Linus as Batman.

Woodstock as Robin.

Sally as the Invisible Woman (Sue Storm).

And finally Snoopy as the Green Lantern.

The group inked and colored.

Overall I find the Faber-Castell PITT Black Fineliner Artist Pens to be workhorses that I use everyday. Whether it's just sitting around watching TV and sketching or working on a finished piece the PITT Artist Pens are always my first choice. The ink quality is consistent, they are reasonably priced and they last quite awhile.

Thanks again to Lisa Brody at Faber-Castell for sending me these fine products to review. Be sure to check back for future reviews of Faber-Castell products as well as more product reviews of Pilot Pens and Strathmore Artist Papers. Of course there will also be more Cartoonist Surveys. Both of the next two upcoming Cartoonist Survey participants have received awards from the National Cartoonists Society, FoxTrot's Bill Amend and illustrator Mark Brewer.


Anonymous said...

I love the Pitt Artist Pens! I just bought this pack at Hobby Lobby this week! I was just using the XS then bought a S. My 2nd XS was running low on ink and w/my 40% off coupon it was so worth it to buy this pack. couldn't wait to get home and try them out, well I got into them at a stop lite before I made it home! luv them.!

Anonymous said...

I think they are wonderful... I've been using them for some years probably since I started sketching in 2004-5. I used them for my graphic novel 'My Imaginary Lives' I'm also VERY taken with the larger BIG BRUSH version. The great thing about F-C products is that they are consistently good,- the Perfect Pencil is just that - the wood never splits. The water-colour pencils - of which I think I have 1,273 or maybe it just seems that many- are much nicer to use than other brands - which seem more waxy.
I also have an 'Ambition' fountain pen which is lovely for just writing- especially with some J.Herbin ink cartridges. I'm looking forward to them introducing a 'Determination' - now that would help!!