Monday, October 17, 2011

Jack Davis Wacky Players Football Cards

Like a lot of geeks my age, I went through a phase of collecting sports cards. Well...that is until error cards and insert cards reached ridiculous prices in the 1990's and the market imploded. This weekend I was going through "my stuff" (as my wife likes to call it) and came across these Sunkist Fun Fruits Snacks, "Wacky Players" football cards. Why, you might ask, is a blog about cartooning talking about football cards? That would be because the art on them is done by non other than Jack Davis of MAD magazine fame. Enjoy!

Later this week, Cartoonist Survey #244 with Scott (Scott C.) Campbell.


steve delmonte said...

Wow, I collect Jack Davis stuff art, cards, ads whatever. Nice to see the cards. I only have a few of them. I looking for more. Any chance you have doubles?? I also met Jack in 1988 and did a poster with him for a talk he gave that I set up in my town. A very sweet guy, a real southern gentleman.
Thanks for this.

David said...

Hi Steve,

Sorry, I don't have any doubles of the cards. If I did I'd send them to you.

Take care,