Friday, December 23, 2011

There's Still Time Left To Make a Child's Day...

 You can find a toy drop-off location in your area by going here - The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

And this holiday season, don't forget to remember all those who have ever served.


Bill White said...

Nice, David!

Hope YOU get lots of toys!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh David, you made me cry! That was awesome! Look forward to seeing you and Patti on Sunday. Hope "Santa" is good to you both, you deserve it!'


Kathy said...

Hi David: Great minds think alike. Yesterday when I was at Hanover Mall shopping for our (lucky) children, I passed by the table "toys for tots" with a couple of our Marines sitting and chatting. I went right into a store and bought a dump truck with some lego's in it (it actually looks like the one in your blog) I dropped it off with them and wished them a Merry Christmas. It felt so wonderful. Thank you for reaching so many of us by your blog. Love Kath. See you and Patti tomorrow. Merry Christmas!!!