Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cedric Hohnstadt's "Pose Drawing SparkBook"

Here is a great project to back from Cedric Hohnstadt, illustrator and toy designer extraordinaire!


"The 240-page SparkBook will include 32 pages of instructional text, with illustrations, spread throughout the book and covering several topics (see below). But the bulk of the book will consist of 100 challenges, or “sparks”, to jumpstart your drawings. Each “spark” will be a brief story situation or scene printed at the bottom of a blank two-page spread. Some will be dramatic, some humorous, but each one will be carefully crafted to give your character(s) broad possibilities to act, emote, and entertain. Also, each "spark" will be printed in light-gray type to minimize any visual distraction as you draw.

It's more than just a "how to" book. Along with instructions and inspiration there's lots of space to practice, practice, practice! You can finally draw in a book without getting into trouble!"

I think this is a wonderful project well worth supporting.  If you aren't familiar with Cedric's work you should check out his website and blog.  Oh yeah, he was also a participant of my Cartoonist Surveys (#115 in the series), which you can read here.

So what are you waiting for?  Go here now and get behind Cedric's very cool idea!

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