Thursday, July 2, 2015

Drawing the Blues

Many of you will remember reading Cartoonist Survey #283 with illustrator extraordinaire, Rich Powell. I absolutely love his artwork and finally had the opportunity to commission him to create an illustration for me.

While looking through his portfolio, I saw a great drawing of an old blues guy and had to have it. Unfortunately that one already belonged to none other than Sam Viviano, art director for MAD magazine. Rich was very accommodating and agreed to do another one for me.

Not only did the illustration come out awesome, but he finished it in no time and was nice enough to create a video of him drawing it. Readers of this blog know how geeky I get over watching people draw, so this was an unexpected bonus!

Rich really made the whole experience wonderful, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get some original artwork.

Take some time today to visit Rich’s website. You can commission him to create a wonderful illustration for you by clicking on the Purchase Art link at the top of his site. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks again Rich!

Follow Up...

I received a request wondering how similar to the illustration I originally saw in Rich's portfolio was the completed illustration I received.  Below are small images of both drawings, with the one I own on the right.  See much more of Rich's work here!


carl craig said...

Rich Powell really draws fantastic! I'm curious how close to the model of the other blues guy rich worked or if this is a unique creation similar only in subject.

David said...

Hi Carl. Yes Rich's work is really something special! The commission he did for me is similar to the one I had seen in his portfolio that is now owned by Sam...which is good because that is what I wanted ;o). I will post a small image of the one that prompted my purchase so you can see it.