Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never Forget - 9/11 and Ace Bailey

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
George Santayana

Lest We Forget!

I was eight years old when the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in the 1969-70 season. I had many favorite players from the "Big Bad Bruins", such as Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Gerry Cheevers and "Ace" Bailey. I collected their hockey cards, pretended I was them while playing street hockey and watched every game.

Fast forward to 9:03 a.m. Tuesday September 11, 2001, when pilot hijacker Marwan al-Shehhi flew United Airlines Flight 175 into the World Trade Tower killing 65 people including Garnet "Ace" Bailey. I am still angry that a piece of my childhood was taken away for nothing more than sheer hatred. I will not forget and unfortunately, at this time I can not forgive. Ace Bailey was a hell of a hockey player and an even greater man. Please go here to read a short biography of him,

Here I am with some of my hockey heroes. From left to right, Don Marcotte, Ken Hodge, Derek Sanderson, "The Geek", Bobby Orr and Ace Bailey.

You can even tell by Ace's autograph what a fun guy he was.

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Sarah said...

Gosh I had absolutely no idea that Ace Bailey was one of the victims of 9/11 :(

I don't blame you for being unable to forgive - it was such a pointless and horrible day - even over here we were all in total shock for you all

On a happier note, though, I am loving the real men wear black T :)
You should have worn it with "ooh la la Sassoon" jeans like Phil Esposito :D