Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Lights Journal Page

I've been keeping a weather/sketching journal for the last couple of months. It forces me to draw everyday even if it is only the sun and clouds. This is the entry from yesterday. It was fun putting up the lights for Patti's step mom, but boy there were a lot of lights. I felt like Clark Griswold from "Christmas Vacation."


Sarah said...

very cool sketch - and the cranberry bread sounds yum!

Thanks for your comment on my ATC - you should totally do some, but in your own time with no particular trade or deadline in mind, and then if you end up with some you are happy with, look to trade them.

The small size makes them easy and difficult at the same time :) But definitely fun.

No I hadn't heard about Pit Martin - just read about it now, sad news. I think he played a year or two for Vancouver? Seem to remember his name and I only usually know about guys from that era if they had a spell in Van.

And yes I remember the spin art things at fun fairs, I always used to badger my mum to let me have a go - what I have is a little battery operated version of the same machine - it's a kiddy's toy really but I love using it. Never grown up, me :)

none of that 'the real season starts in Feb'.... the Canucks have a habit of collapsing spectacularly at the 11th hour and grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory, so I will take every point I can at this stage!! :D

Timaree said...

47 degrees and breezy - brrr, I wouldn't want to be out there. I'm cold here at 55 degrees today and didn't leave the house.

Hope your back is doing better. It sounds like it might or else you shouldn't be doing Christmas lights!!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you David, you are keeping up with your blog. Most of us start things and never finish. (me?) Your sketches are great and I know putting up those lights made someone very happy. See you on the 13th and the 25th. A proud sister-in-law

David said...

Thanks guys! Freebird, my back is much better. I am actually starting back to the gymm this week. Just walking on the treadmill to start and then hopefully can hit the weight machines again soon. I need to get back into shape before the ponds freeze, so I can play some hockey!