Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Frankenstein Jr.

When I was a kid I loved the cartoon Frankenstein Jr. I had the coloring book and the Big Little book of the show. I received this bank for Christmas which is totally awesome!

This is a drawing from the model sheet that they used as a guide for the animators.

Here is my rendition from my journal pages.


KATHY said...

I love Frankie Jr.! At what point does it become cool to wear your underwear outside your tights? All the superhero's do it. Maybe that's whats missing from the world...more men wearing their undies outside their brightly colored tights.
Maybe you do and we just don't know!
Love your drawings, they always make me smile!

David said...

Only on the weekends!

M Bodhisattva Hill said...

Thanks for posting about your blog on the EDM group. Otherwise, I might never have found your blog!

Frankenstein Jr was awesome. Nice bank!