Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Am A Pen-A-Holic.

If you've been reading the Cartoonist Surveys you have noticed that the first question I ask is, "What is your favorite pen to use?" The reason for this is that I love pens! I love the way they feel in my hand and the way they can turn a blank sheet of paper into a work of art. I get giddy when art supply catalogs show up in the mail and must immediately stop everything to peruse them. Well, if you too share my love of pens, pencils and their accessories than you have to check out JetPens. They are a company based in California that sells all kinds of Japanese pens, pencils and such. I have ordered from them many times so I can attest that their prices are great with fast shipping. And if your order is over $25, shipping is free! Take a minute to check them out and tell them David Wasting Paper sent you.

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