Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Is Your Favorite Pen To Use? - Cartoonist Survey Answers Compliled.

I have started to compile the results from the first 100 cartoonists surveyed and here are the results for the first question, "What is your favorite pen to use?" The number in parentheses before the pens are the number of cartoonists who responded that it is their preference. Please note that some of the answers provided did not give a specific brand, such as "dip Pen" and "brush and ink".

Hunt Crow quill was the most popular with 10 cartoonists preferring it. Breakdown of the nibs;

(2) Hunt Crow quill 102
(2) Hunt Crow quill 101
(2) Hunt Crow quill
(2) Hunt 513EF
(1) Hunt Crow quill 108
(1) Hunt Crow quill 100

The rest are as follows...

(8) Pigma Micron
(7) Rapidograph
(6) Winsor Newton Series 7
(6) Pentel pocket brush
(5) Wacom
(5) Gillot Breakdown of nibs;
(2) Gillot 303
(1) Gillot 850
(1) Gillot 290
(1) Gillot 170
(4) Rotring Art Pen
(4) Sharpie
(4) Faber-Castell Pitt
(3) Flair
(2) Speedball
(2) Staedtler Pigment Liner
(2) Pentel Uni-ball
(2) Dip pen
(2) Brush and ink

The rest were preferred by only one cartoonist each;

Prismacolor Fine Marker
Medium Ballpoint
Lamy fountain pen
Rotring fountain pen
Esterbrook dip pen
Raphael Kolinsky #2 brush
Winsor Newton Graphic Series 239 brush
Dixon Markette
Handmade Japanese pen
Kuretake brush pen
Nikko G nib
Grumbacher brush
Tri-Art markers
Sanford Design Ebony pencil
Papermate blue ballpoint
#2 Cotman Winsor & Newton brush
Pentel Hi-Tec-C Slim Knock
Rotring Isograph
Pilot Precise V5 RT
Sanford Expresso Extra Fine
Delta fountain pen
Robert Simmons 785 white sable brushes
Brause "Blue Pumpkin" Steno nib
Zebra G
Sanford Expresso Extra Fine


P.L. Frederick said...

This is great: just the information I was looking for. Thanks, Dave!

David said...

Thank you Paula. I'm still compiling the rest of the answers and I will post them in the upcoming weeks.