Sunday, July 10, 2011

Derwent Art Supplies Review

Anne-Marie from ColArt Americas, Inc. the U.S. distributor of Derwent was nice enough to send me some samples the other day. This weekend I sat down and gave them a try.

The package contained 12-packs of Coloursoft colored pencils, Inktense colored pencils and Inktense blocks. (As always, click any of the pictures for a larger view.)

These are the Coloursoft colored pencils.

They are soft and creamy and lay down some great color.

Here are the Inktense colored pencils.

They are water soluble, can be blended and dry permanent.

Here's the Inktense blocks.

These are really neat with intense color.

Watch this quick demo from Derwent which gives an overview of ways to use the blocks.

This shows a comparison between the Inktense colored pencils and the Inktense blocks. The blocks are more vibrant as they seem to be a little softer and thus leave more pigment.

Also in the package was the Derwent Grate 'n Shake. It comes apart which makes cleanup easy.

Here's a video from Derwent on how to use the Grate 'n Shake.

I mixed up a wash using Sea Blue and Green Teal.

This shows the wash after I shook it up.

I colored this using the Inktense blocks like watercolor pans. I used the wash from above for the background.

I think my favorite are the Inktense blocks, but I highly recommend the Coloursoft and Inktense pencils as well. Visit the Derwent Academy for hints and tips, drawing projects and frequently asked questions.

Thanks again to Anne-Marie for sending me the package. I'll definitely enjoy using these great Derwent art supplies..

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