Monday, July 25, 2011

Pilot Art Supplies Review - Part One

I received a package from Amy and Robin at Pilot Pens loaded with art supply goodies to review. There were quite a lot of items so I thought I'd break it out into a few posts. This first review is of the Pilot G-TEC-C (Gel Rolling Ball) ultra fine needle point pens and the Pilot V Razor Point (Liquid Ink Marker) pens.

(As always, click on any of the pictures for a larger view.)

Wally Gator and Underdog volunteered to act as Vanna White.

Here are the pens freed from their packages.

Dr. Doom also decided to get in on the action.

The Pilot G-TEC-C (0.4 mm).

This shows the line width of the Pilot G-TEC-C (0.4 mm).

The Pilot V Razor Point (extra fine).

This shows the line width of the Pilot V Razor Point (extra fine).

The ink from both pen styles flows well and the colors are vibrant. While I liked using both, I have to say my personal preference, especially for drawing, is the Pilot V Razor Point. Both sets of pens work great for sketching and drawing, but would also work well for note taking in different colors.

Thanks again to Amy and Robin for sending these out. Click here to see the entire line of Pilot products. Check back for additional reviews on the remaining Pilot products they sent me.

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