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Tomas Bunk - Cartoonist Survey #31

Tomas Bunk is a cartoonist and an illustrator who got his start in Europe. Born in Croatia he studied at the Academy of Arts in Hamburg, Germany. In 1976 he started doing underground comix with his work showing up in many European comic magazines and anthologies. PARDON magazine, a German satirical magazine in the same vein as MAD, published his work on a monthly basis. Tom moved to New York in 1983 and started drawing for Art Spiegelman's RAW magazine. He also drew Topps trading cards such as Garbage Pail Kids and my favorite, Wacky Packages. Since 1993 he has been a regular cartoonist for MAD magazine. In addition he illustrates children's books, science text books and does some fine art painting. Visit his site here.
Tom now has a new blog!

What is your favorite pen to use?
Gillot's Crow Quill, Superfine #850.

Do you draw in pencil first and if so do you use a standard pencil or a mechanical one?
Regular pencil.

Do you do your coloring by hand or on the computer?
Everything by hand, so far.

If you do your coloring by hand, what do you use?
Watercolor,acrylic,colored pencils, and sometimes if needed airbrush.

What type of paper do you use?
Strathmore Bristol 500.

What thing(s) do you hate to draw?
There is nothing I hate to draw.

Do you buy your supplies from big chain art store catalogues/websites or a local one that you physically go to?
I prefer to go to the store and see what I buy.

Are there any rituals that you do before starting to draw?
Checking e-mail and the radio program.

Do you listen to music while you draw and if so what genre?
I mostly listen to the radio, usually some German or French Canadian station on the computer.

Did you read comics as a kid and if so what was your favorite?
I was crazy about comics. I grew up in Croatia, and we read comic magazines that had American, Italian and French comics.

What is or was your favorite comic strip?
Prince Valiant and Tintin.

What was your favorite book as a child and do you still own a copy of it?
I loved Golden Books illustrations and have some still with me.

Did you have any formal art training and if so where did you receive it?
I went to the Art Academy in Hamburg and studied stage design. At the same time I taught myself to draw comics.

Do you feel that the Internet is a blessing or a curse?
It’s a blessing. Especially Google where I can find almost any reference picture for my work.

Did either of your parents draw?
My father was a serious painter.

Who in your life is/was the most supportive of your art?
Whoever enjoys it.

Do you keep a sketchbook?
Only when I travel.

Have you ever taught cartooning/drawing and if so did you enjoy the experience?
I did long time ago.

Do you feel that talent or passion is more important in drawing?
It depends, every artist is different. Both is helpful to have but hard work is essential.

Do you collect anything and if so what?
Mostly books and music.

If you were an animated cartoon character who do you think you would be?
Maybe some Tex Avery character like Droopy.

Are you a righty or lefty?

If you weren't an artist what would you want to do for work?

In one or two sentences describe your drawing area.
My studio is in the attic, quite small and very messy.

Do you play any musical instruments?
Once I played guitar.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to pursue drawing as a career what would it be?
3 things: draw, draw and draw.

Who is your favorite artist?
There are many: Dubout, Jacovitti, Elder, Wolverton, Dix, Grosz, Bosch, Westerman, Nutt and Breugel to name only a handful.

Thank you Tom, I just dug through one of my dressers to find my Wacky Packages.

Tomorrow's post will feature answers from the New York artist, Robert Grossman.

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