Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Is Or Was Your Favorite Comic Strip? - Cartoonist Survey Answers Compiled

Here are the compiled answers to the question, What Is Or Was Your Favorite Comic Strip?

The results are based on the answers provided by the first 100 cartoonists/artists.

Calvin and Hobbes - 17
Peanuts - 15
The Far Side - 8
Didn't read them. - 7
Pogo - 6
Too many to pick one. - 5
Bloom County - 4
Krazy Kat - 3
Lil' Abner - 3
Cul de Sac - 2
Dick Tracy - 2
Garfield - 2

The following answers were given by one person each.

Andy Capp
Big George
Born Loser
Buzz Sawyer and His Pal Roscoe Sweeney
Dennis the Menace
Get Fuzzy
Grin and Bear It
Little Nemo in Slumberland
Moon Mullins
New Yorker cartoons
Powerhouse Pepper
Prince Valiant
Smokey Stover
Spot the Frog
Steve Roper and Mike Nomad
The Fosdyke Saga (UK)
Tiffany Jones
Tom the Dancing Bull
Up Front


Alex said...

gotta love Calvin and Hobbes!

Unknown said...

After Calvin, Foxtrot was the consistently funniest strip. Can't believe it didn't make the list.

David said...

Yeah, I was surprised at what did and didn't make the list too.