Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Type Of Paper Do You Use? - Cartoonist Survey Answers Compiled.

The following is the breakdown of answers provided for the 5th question of the Cartoonist Survey. Again this is based on the responses of the first 100 cartoonists/artists.

What type of paper do you use?

Strathmore 2-ply bristol - 18
Strathmore 3-ply bristol - 15
Bristol board - 11
Copy paper - 9
Bond paper - 5
Strathmore 4-ply bristol - 3
Any - 3
Strathmore 1-ply bristol - 2
Bienfang plate bristol - 2
Animation paper - 2

The remaining answers for type of paper used, were given by one person each.

100 lb card stock
120lb Arches cold press
Arches hot press block
Bienfang Graphics 360 Marker paper
Borden & Riley Paris Bleedproof
Canson bristol
Canson 250g/m2 Bristol Board
Canson watercolor paper
Colour Link layout pad
Crane's 24 lb. fluorescent white
CS10 Illustration board
Disney story pads
Fabriano paper
Heavy vellum
Heavyweight cartridge paper
HP LaserJet paper
Lanaquarelle Hot Press 140 lb
Layout paper
Pentel Paper for Pens
Quintessence coated stock
Strathmore 100 lb bristol
Strathmore Alexis series
Strathmore Illustration board
Strathmore sequential bristol board
Watercolor block
Watercolor paper
White 24 lb. Capitol Bond/Light Cockle

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Unknown said...

It seems my favorites are simply card stock and Bristro Smooth and currently I am messing around with some water color paper 140lb wt.